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Taking No Shortcut to Perform Your Palm Tree Cleaning

Taking care of your palm trees can extend its life and promote healthy, steady growth. Although, not everyone knows the procedure or has the equipment to perform a palm tree cleaning service. N & J Tree Service, however, does. We’ll remove any dead fronds that create excess weight for your trees, as well as clear any fallen fronds that have littered your property. We’ll cut your palm tree’s hair to ensure its stem looks clean and presentable. Doing this discourages pest infestation, while also making your trees look more attractive.

Benefits of Palm Tree Cleaning

Having beautiful palm trees, like those that adorn a Beverly Hills neighborhood, is a benefit you’ll experience with our palm tree cleaning services. Although, N & J Tree Service offers more benefits to our efforts. With the help of our palm tree cleaning staff, we’ll award you with more perks, including:

  • Healthier palm trees
  • Cleaner property
  • Less likely chance of pest infestation
  • Less likely risk of tree and brush fire due to stem hairs
  • Preparation for any severe storm or hurricane

We recommend a palm tree cleaning service once or twice a year. Although overgrown fronds and a hairy palm tree stem are part of the natural growth process, these pose as caveats if not cared for and maintained. Our palm tree cleaning company in Bakersfield has years of experience in protecting California palm trees and the community. Overgrown fronds signify a healthy tree but also creates danger for those below. N & J Tree Service seeks to protect the neighborhood during high winds when fronds can get loose. We also aim to promote healthy palm tree growth by providing specialized palm tree cleaning services

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