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Choosing Us for Your Lot Clearing Needs

Providing complete and timely lot clearing service is merely half the battle; ensuring that we meet your requests and exceed your expectations fulfills our two-fold commitment to you. Before kicking off your construction site development, we will clear any vegetation, large rocks and dense brush that pose major obstacles for your project. Preparing land is crucial to any building site design. If the only thing standing between you and open land is a sore arm and an ax, then it’s time to reevaluate the situation. Get extraordinary lot clearing service that will help you transition to the next stage of your project.

A Clean Slate With Expert-Led Lot Clearing Service

As a detailed service, lot clearing prepares lands for commercial and residential site projects. It serves as a fundamental phase in construction design. By electing us to tackle your lot clearing, you’ll be treated to a host of lot clearing services, customized for any size land, demand for labor and budget.

  • We clear shrubs, trees and tree stumps.
  • We remove dead and diseased trees.
  • We uproot plants effectively.
  • We remove large rocks and boulders.

By meticulously assessing the land, quantifying the labor needed for the job and considering other factors, we’ll get you an estimate of the job. N & J Tree Service has handled a full range of lot clearing services in California, helping projects roll out. For a crew of earnest and professional lot clearing specialists in Bakersfield, trust us for the job. We have the knowledge to undertake any specific lot clearing request with minimal effect and impact on the land.

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